The Buyer’s Guide: A Subaru Outback Review

Subaru Outback review

Did you know that Subaru sold 583,810 new cars last year?

While its competitors have jumped headfirst into new niches, Subaru remains committed to the designs that made it. The Subaru Outback is perhaps the best example of this. First manufactured in 1994, this high-riding station wagon is a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts and families.

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, our Subaru Outback review contains all you need to know about the sixth-generation model. From safety systems to cost and plans, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for everything you need to know.

What is a Subaru Outback?

In a market dominated by SUVs and Crossover utility vehicles, the Subaru Outback is a unique station wagon that handles like an SUV but has the aesthetics and utility of a conventional wagon.

With an even wider wheelbase than the Subaru Crosstrek, there’s enough space between the front and rear axles for optimal interior packing.

You won’t have trouble finding comfort in the interior, either. The seats are supportive, with enough adjustability to keep you comfortable behind the wheel.

The Outback’s all-wheel-drive system provides the capability and toughness that you’re looking for in an off-road-worthy family hauler. What’s more, there’s a new trim level for the 2022 model year available now.

Subaru Outback Features

The Subaru Outback is 4815 mm long by 1840 mm wide, and 1675 mm tall with a 213 mm ground clearance. The wheelbase is an ample 2745 mm, making it an ideal car for both trips to the grocery store and rugged off-roading.

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The interior is clean and comfortable, with a range of finishes available. The seats are supportive, and the car’s interface is easy to use. The Outback features soft-touch materials, and the back seats provide enough leg and headroom for everyone.

The sixth-generation 2022 Outback comes with advanced safety systems, including driver assist technology which can reduce frontal crashes by up to 85 percent. It also comes equipped with automated emergency braking technology and blind-spot detection.

This high-riding station wagon incorporates the best of classic compact SUV designs like the Subaru Forester and combines them with the versatility of a station wagon. You can check out even more of its features right here.

How Much Does the Subaru Outback Cost?

We’ve got 2022 Subaru Outbacks in Lynchburg, VA to fit your budget. We also have finance plans for Subaru Outbacks available today.

Depending on your tastes, a new Outback will cost you somewhere between $37,000 and $45,000. This means you get great value for your money alongside excellent value retention.

The comprehensive features and hardwearing reliability of the Outback ensure a high resale value if you ever decide to sell your Subaru.

Our Subaru Outback Review

So, that’s the only Subaru Outback review you’ll need. This rugged yet practical utility machine has the clean aesthetics of a compact SUV combined with all the benefits of a station wagon.

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