Which Is the Better Investment?

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If you love a prime luxury car, you probably know the Volkswagen Arteon is one of the best on the market. These smooth-driving vehicles offer many of the best luxurious amenities, such as sporty exteriors, heated steering wheels, and a smooth driving experience.

However, if you’re a number cruncher, you may also worry about whether you should buy a new vs. used Volkswagen. As much as you’d like to buy new Volkswagen Arteon models, you know how infeasible the purchase can be. 

If you’re torn between the two options, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll explore whether a used vs. new Volkswagen is the better investment. 

Determining the Depreciation of a Volkswagen Arteon

Let’s get straight to the heart of this dispute. The biggest factor that affects a car investment is its rate of depreciation. The moment you drive a car off the lot, it begins to lose value.

Over time, your vehicle can lose thousands of dollars in value. The Volkswagen Arteon is no different. 

Currently, the average price of a Volkswagen Arteon is roughly $45,000. By using a car depreciation calculator, you can determine how much value the car will lose over a number of years. 

It’s not uncommon for a vehicle to lose as much as $14,000 in value after only three years of ownership. So, by paying for a new Arteon, you stand to lose a significant sum. 

Advantages of a Used vs. New Volkswagen

Instead of spending all that money on a new model, you can also buy a used car. Now, before you judge that option, think about what this could mean.

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A used Arteon could be as recent as the 2020 model. This car would have many of the same amenities as a 2021 model.

Even if they’re not identical, they could at least be similar. What if you could get a similar car with many of the same amenities for thousands of dollars less? 

Now, you may retort that you spend more money on repairs with used cars. Sometimes, this may be true. However, if you buy from reliable brands like Volkswagen, you often don’t have to pay much for repairs. 

When to Buy New Volkswagen Arteon

You may get the impression from this article that there’s never a time to buy a new Volkswagen Arteon. However, that’s not true. 

Buying a new car is the best option for those who want to own the car for a long period of time. 

If you plan on owning the car for the next ten years or more, buying a new vehicle can make much more sense. It’s more likely to survive a longer period of time. 

If you insist on the newest safety features, a new model is more likely to deliver than its older counterparts. The 2021 Arteon has slightly more enhanced safety features than its predecessors. 

Where to Find a New Volkswagen Arteon

If you’d like to purchase a new Volkswagen Arteon, check out our dealership today! We offer many of the best new models Volkswagen produces.

So, don’t hesitate. Before long, you could be cruising in style with a brand new Arteon!

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