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For every sedan bought in 2019, two people went home with an SUV. The sports utility vehicle is quickly becoming the preferred car of drivers around the world in record time.

Volkswagen first exceeded SUV standards when they debuted their roomiest SUV to date: The Atlas. Now, they are breaking new ground with the innovative Atlas Cross Sport.

While it seems the difference between the two vehicles is a single word, you can tell just from looking how different they are.

If you’re unsure which of these vehicles is right for you, read on as we break down the differences and features of the Atlas and the Atlas Cross Sport.

Volkswagen Atlas vs. Atlas Cross Sport

Both of these vehicles are equipped with the technology and engineering you have come to expect from any Volkswagen vehicle. Deciding which one is right for you should start with thorough knowledge of the features and advantages of each vehicle.


The Volkswagen Atlas is a unique crossover SUV that combines utility with style.

It sports the largest interior of all Volkswagen models while top-of-the-line parts and engineering make it handle like a luxury sedan. With two rows of bench seating in the back, the Atlas has room for you and your loved ones on all your adventures.

Moreover, the Atlas is full of state-of-the-art safety features. Such features include a blind-spot monitor, rear traffic alert signals, and adaptive cruise control. You can rest easy cruising with your loved ones in the VW Atlas. 

Atlas Cross Sport

The Atlas Cross Sport is a variation of the Atlas that sets it apart from its predecessor.

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First, the Cross Sport removed the second row of seating, making it more compact and maneuverable than the Atlas. This SUV combines performance and aesthetics with its sleek roof and stylish badging. You even can upgrade your interior to a dashing and fierce red leather that looks as luxurious as it feels.

Rest assured, the Atlas Cross Sport comes equipped with the same high-standard safety features and security system as its predecessor. 

Choose the Right Model for You

You will not be disappointed with either of these options, but of course, you want your investment to complement your lifestyle to perfection. As you make your decision, consider these questions:

What Is My Budget?

The Atlas Cross Sport isn’t only smaller in stature, but it is smaller in price as well. At a starting price of $32,775 MSRP, you will be able to cruise in luxury on a budget. 

How Much Space Will I Need?

The Atlas can haul up to 7 people, but that comes at the price of the compact sports utility of the Atlas Cross Sport. If you will only be transporting five or fewer people regularly, the Atlas Cross Sport is your ideal option.

What Is My Style?

The Atlas has the space of a minivan with the look of an SUV. But, the Atlas Cross Sport has a more sleek, modern style with customizable luxurious seating that is hard to pass up. At the end of the day, this decision will come down to your personal style preferences.

Learn More Today

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