Secure Driving: 5 Safest Used Cars to Buy

safest used cars

You may be looking for a present for your recent college graduate. Or maybe you need a second vehicle as your kids need to get to practice, rehearsals, and tutoring. No matter what your reasons for purchasing a second-hand car, safety is a top priority.

However, your reasons for wanting the car and your particular circumstances make some options more viable than others.  Here are five of the safest used cars to consider for a variety of circumstances. 

1. Mazda CX5

This little SUV is great for young drivers or families. Consumer Reports calls it “competitive… taut and agile.”

Mazda CX5s made after 2014 did better on crash tests than earlier models. Other automotive authorities like JD Power uniformly praise this vehicle for safety and longevity. The only drawback might be that its technology system can be a little confusing, but for Gen Z drivers who are digital natives, that ‘s no problem 

2. Volkswagen Passat 

If you are looking for a trusty sedan at a reasonable price, the Volkswagon Passat gets high scores on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety ratings. 

Not too flashy, this baby will get you where you need to go. It’s an excellent starter car for a new driver. It’s also a good choice for urban areas where you may need to park on the street. 

3. Mini Cooper Countryman 

If you are looking for some British style, Minis are cute, fun, and reliable too. Owned by BMW, they have a lot of built-in safety features that balance out their zippy nature. 

Like any sports car, they can be temperamental, and they cost a bit more to service. However, if you do your research, you can find a well-preserved Mini at a reasonable price.

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Minis, in their rainbow of colors, will keep you safe while showing you a good time. 

4. Toyota RAV4 

This car has strong brand loyalty for a reason. It’s a reliable, good-looking vehicle for new drivers, mothers, and families. It’s not difficult to get these serviced, so you can find a used model in good shape for a reasonable price. 

For the ecologically focused, there is even a hybrid version. 

5. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord gets high marks for safety on all government tests. It also is roomy inside, gets great gas mileage, and holds up well over time, so a used version is likely to last while. 

In fact, these cars are so reliable you may be challenged in finding a second hand one for sale.

Any Honda Accords made between 2013 and 2017 have advanced safety features, like a passenger-side camera system, adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning, and lane-departure warning.

You can find this generation of Accord for under ten thousand dollars. 

Forget the Flash: You Want the Safest Used Cars  

Sporty may be fun, but the most important element to an automobile is its ability to keep its occupants safe, even at high speeds or in tough weather. You may be able to find used vehicles that are zippy, too, but keep in mind that only the safest used cars are right for the people you care about.

It is possible to find beautiful vehicles that handle well, get lots of miles to the gallon, and have good safety ratings. You can even find these qualities without breaking the bank. 

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