How to Compare Subaru Forester Models

compare Subaru Forester models

The Subaru Forester is the fifth most loved compact SUV in the world. It scored 8.3 out of 10 in a ranking system testing performance, interior, safety, and quality.

We can attribute its popularity to its decent gas mileage, smooth rides, and handsome looks. Its off-road features outmatch other competitors, and it has more value for money.

If this car is on your radar, you may want to review all its models first. Keep on reading to learn how you can compare Subaru Forester models based on price, features, and more.

List Your Priorities

Which of the features are most important to you? If you want to focus on safety, consider picking the model with the best protection features. 

Many people go for aesthetics, which isn’t a bad thing. The good news is that the Forester boasts premium looks across all variants.

Whatever you want in your new Subaru, list them down first. Refer to it once you compare Subaru Forester models. 

Check the Features

The base model features many things you’ll love in a Subaru Forester. Some examples are:

  • Curve adaptive headlights
  • Updated roof rail design
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • A 6.5-inch touchscreen + a secondary 6.3-inch screen

These features and more are standard across all Subaru Forester models. You may want to check the offerings in other variants, though. 


The Premium variant adds a panoramic power moonroof. It also features a dual-setting traction control system and a power-adjustable driver’s seat. 


A Sport-level Forester features blind-spot detection and lane change assist. It switches to a trim-specific front grille and LED lights. 

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In 2022, Subaru introduced the new Wilderness trim. It has better off-road capability, having a raised suspension and all-terrain tires. 

The latest Subaru Forester also has some cosmetic changes. It features a new grille, hexagonal LED lights, and trim-specific front fascia. 


Starting with Limited, you can get leather upholstery on your Subaru Forester. It also comes with additional amenities, like the power liftgate and automatic emergency steering. 


Touring is the top-of-the-line variant, meaning it’s also the most expensive. It has additional features you won’t find in other Subaru models, such as:

  • Rear automatic emergency braking
  • DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System
  • Power-adjustable passenger seat

It also has redesigned wheels, now colored dark gray instead of black. Subaru ditches the body-colored side mirrors, opting for satin chrome ones instead. 

Consider the Subaru Forester Cost

You should also consider your budget. The base model retails for over $25,000, while the Touring is the most expensive at over $35,000.

The costs aren’t final, though, as you can add optional features. You can have a STARLINK navigation system on your Limited, for example. 

Compare Subaru Forester Models Now

Overall, buying Subaru Forester can be the best choice you’ll ever make. Even the base model can help you reach new heights. However, the other features can take you further. 

Compare Subaru Forester models with our guide. Do you want to buy a new Subaru car? If so, feel free to contact us today.

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