2021 Nissan Altima

2021 Nissan Altima

What type of vehicle should I buy the next year when I am planning to buy a Nissan Altima? What class of vehicle should I choose next? What features does the next Nissan Altima have to offer me? When should I buy the new Nissan Altima? What is the new 2021 Nissan Altima like?

The new Nissan Altima is one of the newest compact car introductions on the North American automotive scene. It has a sporty feel with an athletic body. The Altima was first introduced in Japan two years ago and is a huge improvement over the previous generation of Honda Accords. The Altima has some interesting styling, but the most important question that many people are asking about is whether they should buy the Altima if they want a sporty car with high performance.

AWD Nissan Altima

The all-wheel drive is a nice feature on the Altima, however, there are many critics who question whether it lacks too much power and handling. The high-performance Altima uses a special trim level called S trim, which is made for the higher performance vehicles. Many drivers report increased throttle response and quicker steering response. There is also much more bark from the tailgate to the road.

Other standard features on the Altima include front-wheel drive, standard airbags, side-curtain airbags, and two-way cruise control. The all-wheel drive is the main selling point, which helps Nissan sell more Altimas. Some of the other highlights on the Altima include the pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, and the eight-way adjustable voice-recognition system. Nissan has not released the EPA mileage for this vehicle, but the all-wheel drive feature should make a significant difference in gas mileage. The auto emergency braking and the pedestrian detection both work well and are worth the cost.

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Nissan Altima Technology

Nissan added some innovative technology to the Altima, such as Nissan’s My Book, which allows owners to track mileage, expenses, and even the repair history of their vehicle. The My Book performs vehicle diagnostics in real time and tells the owner’s exactly what is wrong with the Nissan Altima. Nissan claims the all-wheel drive allows more passenger and cargo space and more room in the trunk. The all-wheel drive system on the Altima also helps out with fuel economy by saving power when the car isn’t being driven. Nissan says the combination of the all-wheel drive and the automated transmissions in the Altima help to keep the vehicle at a constant speed.

One of the Altima’s highlights is its six continuously variable valve digital fuel pumps. Each pump serves up four differentials allowing the engine to use different amounts of fuel. With a continuously variable valve system in an auto, the engine doesn’t shut off when the gas tank is empty. The six electronically controlled valves allow the engine to maintain a constant engine speed while supplying power into the motor to power the airbag, seat belts, and properly distribute air pressure.

The all-wheel drive of the Nissan Altima helps it achieve great fuel economy and efficiency when maneuvering through traffic. However, if you need more control over the vehicle or want to feel like you’re driving on a racetrack, the all-wheel drive system in the Nissan Altima SR model is your answer. This four-cylinder version of Nissan’s award-winning vehicle features a standard joystick-type steering system, which is responsive and smooth for maximum steering precision and entertaining ride quality. Standard Nissan Altima SR steering is supplemented by a series of performance-oriented performance-based steering options including XS, ST, R and RS models.

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2021 Nissan Altima Trim Level

Nissan Altima buyers can also take advantage of a powerful aftermarket performance control system with real-feel performance pedals for maximum feel and confidence while driving. The all-wheel drivetrain of the Nissan Altima includes standard on-road and track-ready suspension components, including a 3.5-inch front and rear disc brake system with dual-channels and dual-arm drums. The premium package also features a heavy duty steering system, aggressive body styling and higher-end performance exhaust with black throat and exhaust pipes. The Nissan Altima all-wheel drive is complemented by a host of safety features including TRD sport design, collision and safety guard clearance, front bumper, side skirt, TRD strut bar, multi-point belt and brake pads, diamond blade exhaust system, front and rear bumpers, daytime running lights and a locking torque driver’s foot pedal.

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